Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Review: The Jesus You Can't Ignore by John MacArthur

Finally an author who re-awakens us back to the basic understanding that Jesus didn’t tolerate sin, period. He wasn’t wishy washy in how He dealt with people who were in sin.  He didn’t adjust His agenda to soften the message.   Society would like us to believe that Jesus was accepting of all faiths.  Parts of the evangelical world are more concerned about us getting along than about what the bible has to say.  Sin is sin, Jesus never offered us a second way to heaven.  He was and is the only way.   Jesus wasn’t always a “nice” guy.  He didn’t waste time with scolding the chief hypocrites of His day in private sessions.  He boldly confronted them whenever and wherever He was.  John MacArthur reminds us that Jesus wasn’t a wimpy timid person.  He was bold, He confronted sinners and He loved them through it all.
I feel that every Christian from teens to adults should read The Jesus You Can’t Ignore to be reminded, no… re-awakened to the fact that we shouldn’t be timid in our faith, we should not try to look for common ground between faiths.  Lukewarm is not an option.
Since this was the first time I had ever read a book by John MacArthur, I was a bit leery because I was told repeatedly that it could be a dry read.  At times I found John MacArthur’s writing a challenge to read.  I did need to use a dictionary to learn the meaning of a word at one point.  But I wouldn’t want Mr. MacArthur to simplify his text.  His rich language compelled me to keep reading, learning and finally acknowledges that I too had been lulled to sleep by socialites’ desire that everyone would just get along.  The Jesus You Can’t Ignore presents a strong, spiritual message which I wish was proclaimed from more pulpits which claim to share the good news.  I now look forward to reading more books by John MacArthur.
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Anonymous said...

There is only one book that anyone should read regarding the bible, and that is the bible. While there maybe be a "Jesus we can't ignore" there is also a Jesus Christians readily ignore.

In Luke 10:25 we get a completely different view of salvation which completely contradicts what nicean christians believe.

Keep in mind that Jesus DID NOT teach a religion that did not exist yet (Christianity), he was a Jew. There was no new testament when he preached to the masses. The word of God he referenced was either the literal word of God, or the Torah (the old testament). If Jesus was anything he was anti-religious. Multiple declarations of "praying in the closet" and not announcing your deeds publically - all of which are not practiced by the Christian church. Any public prayer is actually in direct contradiction to Jesus's teachings.

So really there needs to be another book called, "The Jesus Christians choose to ignore."

The Crimson Beloved said...

Thank you, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'd love to see the reaction on many Christian's faces, if they were handed a book called, "The Jesus Christians choose to Ignore." Perhaps it would startle them into remembering their true love.

Thanks, again.

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