Crossborder Shopping

God Bless.

Where I live I have the unique advantage of being able to shop in the U.S.A. and in Canada on a weekly basis.  The links I have below are for my local areas (Michigan/Ontario) they may not work for your area because some sales are regional.  So, one dear woman made a Frugal Map which you can find here to help you find bloggers who write about the savings in your neck of the woods!

Please check back frequently because I will keep adding info to this page. Here's a hint: I would HIGHLY recommend that you sign up for a free email account which you will use just for freebies and coupons.  This way if, let me rephrase that, when you get spammed your real address that you use for friends and family is protected.  Remember you will be typing this into forms frequently so keep it simple and short.

So, you want to start using coupons but you're not sure where to find them, then check this website out.  Sunday coupon preview , there you'll find the coupon insert schedule, be able to print coupons and find other valuable information.  I would suggest you sign up for their emails, they can be quite handy knowing what is coming up in the future.

To save money you gotta use coupons.  So to start your stash check out these sites! These links are for the American coupons sites I use.


You will find the Canadian coupon/saving info listed first and then the American coupon/saving info second.

Canadian Freebie Websites: - The fastest mailed to you coupon website I've ever seen!

American Coupons Blogs
Over time I've come to rely heavily on some U.S. coupon clipping/blogging gals who make my American shopping excursions happy frugal experiences.  I'd like to take a moment and thank them for all their hard work and direct you to their websites so that you can also, save money just like I am.   This woman and her friends are amazing!

Are you brand loyal?
There are certain foods and products that my family is very brand loyal too.  We love Canadian Ragu Sauce, but won't buy the American version again, with the exception of their white sauces. If you have certain foods or products that your family will mutiny over if you changed brands then you need to tell those companies!  If you have a blog, write a quick note about how your family loves the product and send an email with your blog link in it telling the company.  Include your home address and you might just find an envelope in your mailbox with coupons for the products you actually use!  When they do send you those money saving coupons, tell your blog readers and thank the company publicly.  Remember, you can send them snail mail, too!

I've told new coupon clippers to go to each room in their house and pick the five products in that room that you routinely buy and sign up online for the newsletters and RSS feeds for those products.  Companies frequently send out coupon links to their email list.  If you kept doing 5 more products everyday for a month your coupon email account will be busting at the seams with savings.

Here's another hint.  I use the same password when I register with the companies. Keep it simple and since some companies require 8 letters or numbers take a moment and plan it out now.  It will save you time later on when you try to remember what that password was a month later.

I can only receive freebies from Canada because of my Canadian address but if you are an American search out freebie sites for the products you love and get signed up today!  At least once a week I am getting a package in the mail from a freebie company and in Canada freebies aren't as frequent as the ones I see in the US listings.  So, no mater what side of the border you are on, sign up for those today!